15 Mar Arca – Mutant


Mutant is the second full album from Arca, after 2014’s excellent Xen. He’s a Venezuelan DJ and producer. There are a bunch of EPs and Mixtapes to listen to as well, that are arguably just as good as the albums while lacking the cohesion. Arca has worked on Kanye’s, FKA Twigs’, Kelela’s and Bjork’s albums as a producer and writer.

01. Alive

The combination of structure and chaos seems too good to be true. But you better get used to it, especially its progression within a single song. Also, the pauses from the disorder are the only ones you can trust on the record.

02. Mutant

The title track that drives the record. It takes a few minutes to truly begin. There’s a sense of urgency to it, yet it has a storytelling aspect to it. The last minute or so sets the album free.

03. Vanity

Pulsating in its own deconstructed way.

04. Sinner

As heavy as it needs to be to resemble a machine gun.

09. Else

Lightness amidst everything breaking around it.

14. En & 15. Siren Interlude

Entire disruption, authoritarian voices, equipped with tornado alarms from Chicago. Track 15 follows the sound. Kanye uses a similar sound on his Life of Pablo album.

16. Extent

Weary, wavering sounds.

17. Enveloped

Is it just me, or does this hopefully sound like Washed Out? … Not quite, not at all really, but it’s not chaotic for once. For a second track in a row.

18. Faggot

This is surprising… another break from the noise in favour of tranquility? Not quite — the second half is the beginning of mayhem. Perhaps the sound of what’s inside his head. Likely a response to his critics, or to the ones that use the track title term nonchalantly or without thinking. We all love you, Arca. Keep doing what you’re doing.

19. Soichiro

Ah, Soichiro. The pinnacle of an Arca sound. Listen on repeat and try to stay afloat.

20. Peonies

A perfect, disconcerted beauty that is the end to a purposely imperfect album.