14 Mar Be Forest – Earthbeat

Be Forest (@beforest3) are a band from Italy. They make layered and lush songs with driving drums, guitars that sound far away, and dreamy synths. Earthbeat is their second record, out in 2014. They’re coming up with a new album in 2016 or so, and have a new single out called Glow.

01. Totem

Wordless, but speaks volumes about the the upcoming sounds : somber, droning, gloomy.

02. Captured Heart

Slightly hopeful, if only for the whimsical sounds post-chorus.

04. Ghost Dance

Enchanting with those disconcerting guitar notes. Listen to the KEXP studio version.

05. Airwaves

Faster, with drum patterns that remind of The National.

06. Totem II

Sunlight seems to set in during this second wordless track.

07. Colours

Reminds of the XX to start off, and builds into something joyful. Shiny colours, shiny in the dark, it is when you give of yourself.

09. Hideaway

Makes you feel like the album was filled with sadness, yet you’re now sad it’s ending.