14 Mar DIIV – Is The Is Are?


I didn’t think a record from DIIV (@DIIV) could sound any dreamier than 2012’s Oshin. But Is The Is Are? does just that, with a lush sound and some good guitar patterns that stay with you.

01. Out of mind

Melodic yet distant. Great start, feels like summer.

02. Under the sun

Summer, again. On the right side coming on the right time.

04. Dopamine

For a glimpse of heaven, now and here?

06. Valentine

Now that you know, you’ll never find an easier way out.

07. Yr Not Far

Just because of the guitar.

10. Mire (Grant’s song)

National-y. You made a river out of me.

13. Healthy Moon

Inspired the music on my latest podcast. There’s a dead moon in my head, it claws the ground both lost and found and fleeting to crash into again.

14. Loose Ends

Faster paced, does it feel watered down?

16. Dust

Heavier sound, the only way to be quiet is to be quick.

17. Waste of Breath

It’s no good, it would be a waste of breath to tell a man who believes in me that he's got something better to do.