13 Mar Grimes – Art Angels


I have a soft-spot for Grimes (@grimezsz). She’s from Vancouver/Montreal and she’s been making out-of-the-ordinary music since her debut Geidi Primes in 2009. She just released Art Angels, and while it’s more structured and quite different than her early work, it shows she’s building her sound.

02. California

Funny way to start off a Grimes record. Structured, positive, hopeful. The chorus reminds you why you started to love her and her layers when she put out Halfaxa (World Princess is back for part 2, try to spot the differences).

04. Flesh Without Blood

You destroyed everything that you know.

05. Belly of the Beat

Gives you a hint of how often you’ll listen to this record in the car, liking it without caring how it should be classified within the ever-changing genre-game.

06. Kill V. Maim

Her sound is more polished overall on this record. But you definitely can still hear some of the old Grimes at some spots. This is one of them.

09. Realiti

Somewhat of a descriptive title. The reality of things – Grimes is now way more pop-y than she used to be, as evident by this song. You’re allowed to like it, even if it doesn’t seem true to her roots.

10. Life in the Vivid Dream —-> Butterfly

I guess Butterfly is a good song to finish everything off. Fluttering between what Grimes used to be and what she’s becoming. Or some lame cocoon metaphor.