16 Mar Jamie XX – In Colour (2015)


01. Gosh

Listening to this for the first time, I thought “alright, another great un-relatable record that I’ll listen to and love, but that none of my friends will want to listen to in the car.” But I was proven wrong in the first few minutes, after the melody starts. And it’s nothing special, but you want to listen to it because it’s a sign of what’s to come.

02. Sleep Sound

The first few seconds set this song apart. The rest of it makes it great. The whispering, the layering. It’s clock-like.

03. SeeSaw

That voice is so familiar. For the better.

04. Obvs

Give up everything for a few months. This is the sound that will drive everything you do. It’s hopeful yet realistic, layered yet simple. It leaves you wanting for more, regardless of what you left behind. A true #keepitupstairs classic.

05. Just Saying

The best way to transition into something different.

06. Stranger in a room

Fast and meaningful background arrangements. It stays with you.

07. Hold Tight

There’s an urgency to be respected in this track. With the notion of London figuring often in the samples. I like when places are important.

08. Loud Places

A single. Pretty good. I skip it.

09. I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)

Fan favourite. I skip it.

10. The Rest is Noise

While Obvs was hard to access, this track is the glimmering hope. It still leave you longing for more. But it leaves you with the impression that you had it within you all along. The cascading piano. The chord progression. The incredibly deep baseline. The build-up to something positive. As long as you’re comfortable within this sound, the rest is noise.

11. Girl

Ah, the lush, dreamy, atmosphere of Girl. It was my initial favourite. It hasn’t left much room at the top ever since.