13 Mar Pool – Porches


Pool is the third album from Porches (@porches_hiii). It’s broody and slow but has nice synth arrangements to go with the base lines.

01. Underwater

The opening bars sets the tone for the record. Then it sometimes sounds like crystals.

03. Be Apart

True #keepitupstairs. Heavy synth. Feels like you’ve been left behind.

06. Even the Shadow

Wavering synths with some pulsating baseline. Do you feel it too? Do you feel it too…

07. Pool

Builds up to something bigger. The end sounds happy if not void.

08. Glow

Some type of 80’s vibe. I guess all that I can do is try to stop thinking about you.

10. Shaver

Sounds like Blood Orange for a second. I watch her walk through the rain, I want it to belong to you.