International Typographic Map

Typographic map of the world by country.

map full

This typographic international map outlines countries by filling their geographical land mass with a bilingual repetition (English – French) of the country’s name, with the capital then set in bold type.


This typographic world map is meant to be printed and framed in a living room, bedroom or office setting.

It is printed on a 24 inch by 36 inch poster. Original image is 11400px by 7800 px.

Design elements

The map is set on a grey background dusted with white specks, and aims to keep a minimalistic design.

Futura is used throughout the map, Futura Light being used for country titles and Futura Bold for capital titles.


Geographical accuracy was a secondary focus in this design. Due to the preference of having no hyphenation and maintaining the general outline of countries, some land areas appear slightly misrepresented. The position of capitals is however, as accurate as possible.


This map may soon be available for purchase.

Custom design

Custom map designs can also be ordered, with specific countries, cities or other regions featured with capitals or landmarks emphasized. Contact me for more information concerning production and cost.