Lost and found flyer with SMDY.CA

Flyers for lost and found recovry efforts by student leadership team at SMDY.CA


Students at my school have this tendency to leave their stuff behind. It all ends up in the lost and found. Coats, hats, mittens, water bottles… it’s not weird to find a single shoe. Where the other shoe is — I’m not sure, and no one else seems to be either.

And there doesn’t seem to be an easy fix. Efforts coming from many fronts seem to be the best defence against massive accumulation of items in this bins. The student Leadership team’s efforts come in the form of hosting all classrooms to visit the atrium, where they’ve laid out every item on tables for review. About 25-40% of items are found by students on the spot, which is the greater victory.

However, I also take the opportunity to let a student-leader come up with the design of a flyer that is sent home for parents, inciting them to follow recommended steps to help their children avoid losing their stuff : writing the names on labels, ordering sticker labels from a partner company, visiting our website for a list, … Also featuring the branding and information for the Leadership team projects.