André Cyr
Toronto & Ottawa, Canada

Hello; I’m André Cyr, a 34 year-old professional from Toronto & Ottawa. As a public school teacher with more than ten years of experience, I am a driven educator and a passionate speaker. I also research and write about subjects such as leadership, culture and trust. I’m continuously looking to construct and contribute to innovative projects.



Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir (CSC MonAvenir)
Toronto, Ontario — 2011-2022
  • Pedagogy: taught grades 4, 5 & 6, taught physical education, selected as mathematics pedagogy faculty lead.
  • Representation: elected as union representative, administration consultation representative, and parent council representative.
  • Extracurricular: founded leadership team, managed swimming athletics program, and coached various athletics teams.
  • Administrative: assisted in scheduling, database management, and budgeting for over 50 staff, 500 students and 4 000.00$.

School board representative

Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (OPHEA)
Toronto, Ontario — 2014-2017
  • Represented the school board during quarterly workshops with provincial representatives.

  • Consulted for media and promotional campaigns for health and physical education in Ontario.

  • Contributed formal content for paper and digital media publications.

  • Hosted webinars and live social media exchanges regarding inquiry-based learning and innovative pedagogical approaches.

Mentor & Coach, Administrator

Académie des étoiles sportives
Ottawa, Ontario — 2004-2020
  • Coached for an annual bilingual summer sport camps for over 50 students aged 9 to 14.

  • Implemented and managed web branding, registration process and e-commerce platform for participant registration.

  • Coordinated camp activities and counselor schedule.

  • Mentored over 25 student counselors and volunteers.

Facilitator & Workshop leader

Ontario Educational Leadership Centre, Ministry of Education
Toronto, Ontario — 2011-2016
  • Hosted leadership, coaching and team-building workshops as part of weekly summer leadership camps for francophone students aged 12 to 18.
  • Led discussion groups and feedback workshops to favour retention in francophone students aged 15 to 18 located in schools of various socioeconomic demographics.

Research & project consultant

Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario — 2012
  • Developed a web platform for sharing professional education resources as a continuity of a graduation project.

  • Reviewed user specifications and website user interface analysis.

  • Completed user interface and interaction design usability testing.

Assistant to the coordinator

Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario — 2019-2011
  • Acted as a liaison agent between prospective students and Faculty programs & services.
  • Communicated with clients through CRM, email, telephone, chat, and social media interactions.
  • Presented during 10+ events and elaborated promotional materials.
  • Contributed to web design, information architecture, and multimedia creation.

Aptitudes & skills

Layout & UI design

I can create layouts and user-interface designs for digital and print documents using Sketch, Adobe InDesign, and Affinity Publisher.

Image & vector editing

I can create and edit bitmap and vector images using Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, and Affinity Photo & Designer.

Type & colour theory

I understand typographic elements and colour theory, and can create font pairings and colour palettes for design and branding projects.

Workflow & typing

I consistently type an average of 90+ words per minute, and have devised an efficient personal workflow centred around custom MacOS keyboard shortcuts, mouse and trackpad gestures.

Web server management

I manage and mostly understand a Linux VPS server with active websites and multiple user mail accounts, including A and CNAME records for Google Apps domain management.

Database & scheduling

I can create information databases using Microsoft Excel, including the use of an array of advanced formulas such as COUNTIF, SUMIF and VLOOKUP, conditional formatting, and filtered views.

Sound mixing

I can install audio production and recording equipment, including multiple channel speakers, mixers and equalizers, microphones, analog and digital musical instruments, and audio input sources.

Audio production

I can edit audio files in post-production using Logic Pro to create various audio projects such as podcast episodes, MIDI music tracks, and audio effects.

Video production

I can edit video files in post-production using Final Cut and DaVinci Resolve to create various video projects such as educational tutorials, slideshows, and vlog episodes.

Education, certifications & awards

Bachelor of Science, Honors (B. Sc.)

University of Ottawa, Canada
Graduated cum laude, 2010

Bachelor of education (B. Ed.)

University of Ottawa, Canada
Graduated cum laude, 2010

Award : Prix Inspiration

CSC MonAvenir, 2014

“For innovative initiatives that encourage the engagement of students, the development of their leadership, and their sentiment of fraternity.”

Teaching qualifications

Intermediate and Senior Divisions, Biology

Intermediate and Senior Divisions, Health and Physical Education

Junior Division, all teaching disciplines