Speaklessness is an inherent feeling that exists between us. An intricate, profound connection. A simple, silent synchronicity. A deep sense of understanding of each other. A unique bond that can never be destroyed.

Speaklessness is togetherness. A proximity, a closeness, an intimacy. A sense of invisible attachment. Being together is natural. Yet, it’s easy to miss. Communication is silent, with nearly imperceptible non-verbal cues. A slight raise in the corner of your smile. A glimmer in your eyes. A scrunch in your eyebrows. A tilt of your head. A drop in your shoulders. A stiffening in your spine. Not everyone notices, or looks for it, but we do.

Speaklessness is partnership. Storytelling in tandem is seamless. Banter is charming. Argument is illuminating. It’s knowing right away what goes through our minds when something happens. It’s choosing each other when we need help, without ever having to ask.

Speaklessness is safety. You’ll find it in affinity, in trust. It allows for pure authenticity, letting us truly be ourselves. The truth is vulnerable. Embarrassment is adorable. Armour is trivial. Insecurities aren’t revelations—they’re mirrors. We understood them all along.

Speaklessness is serene. It crafts significance. At least, it does until you leave. Then, it’s painful. And we can’t speak of it. (that’s kind of the point). But most powerfully, speaklessness isn’t delicate. It’s robust, and it’s timeless. It survives distance and circumstance. Speaklessness never disappears, even if you sometimes do.