We spend most of our days organizing information and writing, don’t we? Here’s a quick rundown of the tools I use for turning ideas into creations. All of it starts in OmniFocus, where I plan most of everything using a slightly-modified GTD method. Notion catches all sorts of information I throw into it, from project plans to web clippings. My most-used app of all is OmniOutliner, which I use for drafting written pieces of all types. For code, markdown or plain text editing, I favor Sublime Text. For longer-form writing, such as podcast episodes and opinion pieces, Scrivener is my go-to.

From that point, these are the tools I use for designing and creating final products. For photo, graphic and layout design, I’ve been using the great Ps+Ai+Id-alternatives from Affinity. I have to admit, however, that I tend to default to Sketch for most quick graphic or editing tasks. After having tried dozens of apps, I found that Linea strikes a good balance of features and simplicity to create video tutorials. When recording and editing media, I use Logic Pro for audio and Davinci Resolve for video.